Wednesday, December 16, 2009

127 FLAT - Crunch In 25

That´s right! You read it!

Today I hit

127 flat!

I am so excited! My scales are no longer saying "Shame on you!" 

 I have no idea what I did differently, except that I took it really easy this weekend, and had one really free day. No exercise and lots of food. I had sugar and everything! So, Sarah F´s tip worked. I relaxed and started losing again!!

Now to keep on. I would love to lose another couple pounds this week.. wonder if my body will stay in this groove? It´s sometimes quite the mystery.

How are you doing? Are you ready for our double exercise points? Really it would add up to 1 point per 10 min. now. Go for it! Crunch it like crazy to the end!

Well, I am off to the pool. Don´t want to have to exercise after church tonight.

Big Crunchin hugs,
Dani Joy


Joy said...

Wow, this is great...just one thing, though. Your scale will not say "shame on you" because it already knows you have worked hard and done an excellent job of getting rid of excess weight.:)

I too find it a mystery as to why when I eat whatever, I loose and when I watch what I eat I gain and sometimes all that backwards. I do have inflammatory problems in my intestines, and I think that has a lot to do with it. I´ve been drinking the apple juice with apple cider vinegar that one of the ladies recommended and I think that is helping with my sinus infection, and also curbing the apetite as well! I´m excited because it is something I can do, that is inexpensive and natural.
As for my yukky feeling, I´ve been taking Echinecea tablets (for 3 days) and 1000 mgs. of Vit. C 2 times a day, because my bod doesn´t absorb normally. It seems to be helping and now dh is sick, sick!

Sarah said...

YAY!! That's gotta feel good to see. Sometimes the body needs a little rest and relaxation!

Keep it up girl, your doing great!

Siberia said...

Great job, Dani Joy! You have been such a cheerleader for all of us during this crunch. You have done great this whole year, and I'm sure you feel so much better! Keep up the great work!