Wednesday, December 16, 2009

127 FLAT - Crunch In 25

That´s right! You read it!

Today I hit

127 flat!

I am so excited! My scales are no longer saying "Shame on you!" 

 I have no idea what I did differently, except that I took it really easy this weekend, and had one really free day. No exercise and lots of food. I had sugar and everything! So, Sarah F´s tip worked. I relaxed and started losing again!!

Now to keep on. I would love to lose another couple pounds this week.. wonder if my body will stay in this groove? It´s sometimes quite the mystery.

How are you doing? Are you ready for our double exercise points? Really it would add up to 1 point per 10 min. now. Go for it! Crunch it like crazy to the end!

Well, I am off to the pool. Don´t want to have to exercise after church tonight.

Big Crunchin hugs,
Dani Joy

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