Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, crunch in, food choices. Maribel

My food choices today were bad :( How does the free day work? This
could be one. I'm just afraid that as we get closer to the end I will
have a lot of days "off". I'll do my best tomorrow. I don't know how
Tammy does it in Siberia. We get a little bit of snow here and I feel
like eating bread and stuff. I hope the weather gets nicer so that I
can be good and not eat much :-)
I just finished shredding some calories with Jillian. I hope I burn a
lot while I sleep. I'll cover with extra blankets! (Just kidding).
Tomorrow is our Christmas program at school. I "have to" go to a
meal. I'll have a healthy breakfast and supper!! That's the plan.
Have a good night.


Joy said...

Hi Maribel, Yes, snow and cold have the same effect on me...I feel like baking and making Christmas goodies. I have made lots of pumpkin bread for my neighbors and only eaten a few pieces. But for Friday´s kid´s choir party I have to make cookies - the first of the season and I love raw cookie dough adn also the baked ones. What a time of temptation. Stay warm :) Love, Joy

Madridmom said...

Joy, I have to bake cookies for after the church cantata this Sunday night. I know what you mean about the raw dough. What kind are you going to bake? My kids want to know when I am going to start the holiday baking. I've been dragging my feet about it 'cause I know the temptation will be strong .... but I don't want to be a killjoy on their Christmas either.

Dani Joy said...

I am having a hard time too. I am munching on raisins and almonds.

The free day is no points for food or exercise if you want. No negatives either. ;)

I got all confused on my food today. not sure what my points would be.. guess I prob. won´t count any.

Hope it doesn´t get too hard for you to eat well. Just keep on exercising and it should even out. ;)

Ketty said...

Jajajajaja, we seem to be all in the same boat about the goodies for the holydays. I have also been dragging makine Christmas cookies but we´ll probably have to start this weekend.

We also have our church Christmas program this Friday night and we´´ll have hot chocolate and all kinds of cakes we are making.

Please, pray for 2 people I´m inviting for this program. They are 2 of my adult students. I don´t know if they´ll come or not, one of them says she believes on nothing, and the other one professes to believe in God but not the catholic church. Her names are RocĂ­o and Maribel.

It´s all for now

Joy said...

Alice, I´m going to make sugar cookies, because those are the ones the church kids like the best. I may also make some chocalate crinkles, as they love anything chocolate. I´ve made other types of cookies and always end up bringing them home, which I don´t want to do.
I will make a small pan of homemade fudge (for home)and eat 1 square a day so it will last a long time. This will constitute the bulk of Christmas baking, since I don´t have any kids at home - other than the pumpkin pie (no crust) I´ll make for Christmas day. Love, Joy