Monday, December 14, 2009

A little Confused - Crunch In 24

Today, I started out well with my food choices. Had my favorite whole wheat toast and honey. But lunch was confusing. I made peas and cream to go over the potatoes. We also had oven baked chicken. Well, I am confused because, I don´t know if I should count the point for the peas and cream. Then I had a piece of Turron. no not the no sugar added kind. that would def. be neg. points.

I had a salad this evening, but I think everything cancels out. I won´t be counting any  food points today.

I didn´t feel like doing anything! I did do 30 minutes of walking with Leslie Sansone and 15 minutes of walking outside.

Ok.. well that´s all for today.. I will be back on tomorrow to give some Crunchy News.

Big Crunchin hugs,
Dani Joy
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