Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wk 7 Double Exercise Points & Wk8 Christmas Crunch Finale

Dear Lady Crunchers,

Yes, we are almost done with our Christmas Challenge, but that does not mean we are done with fitness. I sure hope you have gained some valuable habits that will help you along on your fitness journey of life. Discipline, healthy eating, exercise, and valuable knowlege about our bodies are only a few things that we have focused on in these last 8 weeks. I pray that it has been a wonderful journey for you.

Now, on to the topic at hand.

End week 7 -

NO MORE points for Food choices.


Double exercise points till the 23! Starting Wednesday. (if you do walking - be sure that you are breathing hard.)

All other points the same.

 You may want to post your measurements. That´s only worth the one point as a Crunch In. (the measurement points are the same)

End week 8 -- Wed. DEC. 23

Christmas Crunch Finale - last post of the challenge must include all the following for a 10 pt. bonus

1. Picture
2. Measurements (now) and how much you lost in all during the 8wks. (only count the measurement points earned for week 7 though)
3. Weight (now) and how much you lost in all. (same as measurements) or if you didn´t tell your original weight.. just post how much you lost in the eight weeks.
4. Testimony - A paragraph about your personal crunching experiance.
5. Ideas - you only need to post one idea for the next challenge. or something you really liked about this one. If you want to write more you can. I need feedback.
Optional -
6. Minutes exercised - if you kept track of your exercise points, multiply by 20 to find the minutes. (keep your double points separtate and add those in later) I want to put the minutes or hours exercised for your certificates. I won´t post weight on the certificates. Don´t worry. only totals. ;) ;) ;)

Label it: WK8 Christmas Crunch Finale, Testimonies, measurements, pictures, YOUR NAME   (just like this post)

phew... That´s all. And you will receive a 10pt bonus over and beyond all the week 7 points you will be racking up.

All Points end Dec. 23 (12:00 PST).... BUT .. Ladies, the blog will be open! Post whenever you want.
Let´s keep the same labels though.
Chat whenever you want. Use the Support system we have already set up. It´s a blessing!

Certificates will be e mailed by Christmas, Lord willing! Print them out, frame them! You desirve it! Pamper yourself a little this Christmas, but let´s get back at it again after the holiday. Don´t ruin all you have worked so hard for.

This has been a real blessing for me to get to know each and every one of you. Some of you really got into the points and some didn´t. That´s ok. The idea was for the support and to cheer each other on. To pray. To love. To get Healthy and Fit! I think we accomplished all of these goals. You all should all be proud and thankful to the Lord for His Strength!

Looking forward to many more challenges and staying fit for life,
Dani Joy

PS. don´t hestitate to ask any question. I will answer as soon as I can. ;)
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