Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, crunch in, food choices. Maribel

My food choices today were bad :( How does the free day work? This
could be one. I'm just afraid that as we get closer to the end I will
have a lot of days "off". I'll do my best tomorrow. I don't know how
Tammy does it in Siberia. We get a little bit of snow here and I feel
like eating bread and stuff. I hope the weather gets nicer so that I
can be good and not eat much :-)
I just finished shredding some calories with Jillian. I hope I burn a
lot while I sleep. I'll cover with extra blankets! (Just kidding).
Tomorrow is our Christmas program at school. I "have to" go to a
meal. I'll have a healthy breakfast and supper!! That's the plan.
Have a good night.
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