Friday, January 29, 2010

About the 13 day diet

I am on my 5th day of this 13 day diet.
The first day was difficult not to eat my morning and afternoo snack. I got used to eat that during last crunch and I liked it, because I did it before but not on a healthy way like now.

Anyway, doing Jillian and walking and the diet Ithought it was going to be 13 hard days. Yesterday was the only day I was tired but I still came home at 8 pm and did Jillian, the hard zones, and I had more energy after I was done.

Today I got up great and hoping to be great the rest of the day as I have to go shopping for food.

The best of it, I´ve lost 4,4 pounds already, in 5 days.

My question is if I will gain everything back after I start having my morning and afternoon snacks, usually it´s fruit or yougurt.

Last night I had a WONDERFUL bowl full of a REALLY GOOD fruit salad. Mandarines, banana, strawverries, kiwi, apple and orange juice all over, it was great.



Joy said...

Hi Ketty,
Wow, so you are loosing the lbs. which is great, but your question is interesting too...will it all come back? On the other hand, if this is like shocking your metabolism and then you can keep it going in the right direction, that would be worth working for. I wonder what some of our nurses on the blog would say about the long term effect? Just wondering and glad that you are feelig more energy.
P.S. If you post the pictures of skinny us, send me a copy, so I can use it next time for the before and after : )

Siberia said...

I wish I could lose 4 lb that quickly. Then I would be almost at my goal! Keep up the great work, Ketty.