Friday, January 29, 2010

About the 13 day diet

I am on my 5th day of this 13 day diet.
The first day was difficult not to eat my morning and afternoo snack. I got used to eat that during last crunch and I liked it, because I did it before but not on a healthy way like now.

Anyway, doing Jillian and walking and the diet Ithought it was going to be 13 hard days. Yesterday was the only day I was tired but I still came home at 8 pm and did Jillian, the hard zones, and I had more energy after I was done.

Today I got up great and hoping to be great the rest of the day as I have to go shopping for food.

The best of it, I´ve lost 4,4 pounds already, in 5 days.

My question is if I will gain everything back after I start having my morning and afternoon snacks, usually it´s fruit or yougurt.

Last night I had a WONDERFUL bowl full of a REALLY GOOD fruit salad. Mandarines, banana, strawverries, kiwi, apple and orange juice all over, it was great.

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