Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dani Joy´s Springy Journal - 1

Dani Joy here with a little Sassy Spring Attitude to get us jump started into our fitness workout!
Ladies, It is possible to get fit and healthy!

I didn´t think so at first. I was resolved that I would be the way I was after the babies were born for life, but God gives us strength, discipline, support and a free will! We have a choice.

Yesterday, I measured myself at the hospital. *giggle* No scales in the hospital room though so I weighed-in this morning. I had gained more over my son´s birthday than over Christmas!

Here are the stats:

I am 5´3"
131 lbs (my weight at the end of the last challenge was 129, I had hit 127)
Bust - 32" (this can´t lose any more inches haha)
Chest - 30"
Waist - 30" (a gain of 1 inch over Christmas Holiday, anniversary and son´s b day! )
Hips - 37 1/2 "
Thighs - each 22"
Arms - each 10 1/2"

My goal weight is 120 pounds.

Fitness Plan:
Monday - 30 day Shred DVD(30 min. including stretching) ;Walking fast - 30 min.
Tuesday- No more Trouble Zones dvd (40-50 min);Walking fast (10-20 min)
Wednesday- Pool or Shred 30- 40 min. ;Walking fast 20-30 min.
Thursday -  Metabolism Boost dvd 40-50 min.  Walk 10-20 min.
Friday- Pool 40-60 min.
Saturday- Pool 45-60 min. or Shred 30 min.

When I can´t get up to doing Jillian Michael´s dvds, I will do a variety of videos from exercise tv. com or real As the weather get´s nicer, I would like to do some jogging on the beach too!

Eating: Cut out all white refined sugar products and all white flour breads, pastas, and deserts. Add in more fruits, veggies, and whole wheat fiber foods.

Can´t wait to keep getting to know you all more! This has been a great start. You all are really getting me ready to Spring into Shape!


Sarah K said...

Welcome Dani Joy! heehee =)
Thanks for your encouraging springy post!
Glad to see you also "took a mini break" over our Christmas break. I don't feel so guilty. =)
Springing into shape with you!

Sarah said...

You look great in this pic!

I have to say that I'm kind of shocked by the goal of 120. I thought your goal was 125... and maybe 123. What made you change it?

Dani Joy said...

OH it´s just a goal so that I don´t get comfortable. jeje.. If I make it great if not no biggy. I am sure 123 would be fine. I feel fine now. LOL.. just want something to work for. mostly in the fitness. not going to cut out anymore food. ;)