Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sometimes working out can feel tedious and you tend to get stuck in the same old routine doing the same old exercises. Try adding something fun to your workout...
Fine a song that you like that has a good beat to it. Try doing one muscle group through the whole song (see my demonstration in the video).
We are going into our third week, which means it about time to change up our workout routine. You should change up your routine every 3-4 weeks in order to keep your body guessing. Our bodies are very smart and begin to get used to the same exercises, so keep lets keep them guessing!


Dani Joy said...

Great tip! loved the squats! That´s where I need it most!! wooo hooo!!

WEll, we are without hot water for a couple of days so I will be doing my workouts totally at the pool! Love that! but I will need to get right back at the strength training too..
Oh btw.. how acurate are digital scales? for the past couple of days ours has been wigging out. I think it´s braking. And I keep reading that horrid 131! YUCKO!

Sarah said...

The way I would test it is by sitting some dumbells on it. I take both of my 15 lb dumbells (equalling 30 lbs) and set them on the scale to make sure it's zero'd out properly.