Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First week

Ok, here are my measurements for the fist week. It´s almost the same as last week, I´m just glad is not bigger. :-)

Weight – 147.5 lbs.
SAME (67 KG)

Bust: 39 in. 39

Chest: 33 in 32.5

Waist: 32 in 32

Hips: 39 in. 39

Right Thigh: 20.5 in 20

Left Thigh: 20.5 in 20

Right Arm: 10 in. 10.5

Left Arm: 10 in.

I have done Jillian 3 times this week, I´m happy about that, and I did walk the rest of the week.
I am still doing ok on my 13 day diet, getting plenty of food. I am surprised because I though I would eat like an elephant, but I´m not.
This is all for today.
Please, keep crunching and you´ll see the results in a few weeks.



Sarah said...

Ketty - My body did the same exact thing. I stayed the same weight, but lost inches!

Keep up the good work girl!

Ketty said...

Ok, that´s good to know. :-)


Dani Joy said...

You can do this Thing! I only measure every other week.

You are motivating me!

Keep on Springin´
Dani Joy

Siberia said...

Are you posting points? You are doing great!


Ketty said...

No Tami, I´m not posting points, I´m keeping it secret. :-)
Only at the end I will decide to let you know if I won or not, but Sarah is pushing this very hard, so..... it will be hard to beat her.

Just to let you know I do have more points than you lol lol lol lol,
sorry, I can´t stop laughing imagining your funny face. :-)


Joy said...

Hi Ketty,
Glad you aren´t starving on the diet. And glad you got to do Jillian again, which always gives you so much energy for the day!

Dani Joy said...

You all are cracking me up!!!

I am working out as much as my time will allow me, but Sarah is really making me want to push to get more workouts in! Especially watching that ticker zing ahead like that!! You go girl!!!

I love the points and it sure is motivating.

Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Way to start out Ketty!