Monday, January 25, 2010

Ketty´s diet plan for 13 days

It´s Monday today, a week since I personally started the crunch. I´ve done Jillian 2 days and walked 5 days. And my weight is going up instead of down. but it´s no problem, I think that happened to me before, so don´t get discouraged if ypu don´t see any results the first week.

I am going to start today a macrobiotic diet during 13 days, that´s all, it´s designed for 13 days. Anyway, I need to eat healthier because of health issues. I also thought it would help me to see a change in the scale :-) This diet says you can lose up 6 to 8 kilos. I don´t really believe it would happened to me because I eat more or less like the diet, except for the steaks because I hardly ever eat them, and also because my body doen´st need to lose 8 kilos. But it might be true for people who need to lose more weight.
Here is the link where I got it.

It doesn´t sound too bad for today. I only found it in Spanich but if anybody is interested I could translate it for you.
This is what I am eating today:
Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, chard and spinach sauted on olice oil and garlic.( you can eat as much as you want) :-)
Dinner: 1 or 2 steaks with, salad with lettuce and tomatoes, the dressing has to be a Tb of oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt.

Ok, let´s see for how long can I keep it up. About having only coffee for breakfast is only for 2 days, I can have a toast after the third day. And hey, this is only for 13 days, and now that I told you about it I will have to stick with it, sooooo, thank you for been my accountability partners :-)

Hope you all have a great crunchin day friends!!!!


Joy said...

Hi Ketty,
Saw your diet, which is a lot like the one my acupuncturist gave me, but a)I can´t digest that much red meat and b) I don´t drink coffee!!Do you think the coffee only for breakfast is to act like a cleanser and colon flush? Anyway, do be careful and try to take it easy (like don´t do a lot of work on just a cup of coffee : ).

Ketty said...

yes, thanks Joy, I tried to drink more water today to make up for my morning toast or oatmeal. Now, is only 2 days with only coffee, so I´ll have a toast on Wed.

And yes, I suppose is to clean something, not sure what :-) specially the day I have to eat sliced carrots with lemos for breakast :-). It´s great carrots is one of my favorites.

I´ll let you know how it goes, and hey, it´s only for 13 days.

About the red meat, I don´t really eat meat but today I bougth a very thin steak, and I will eat only what I can.


Dani Joy said...

Wow! I hope it does work for you! And its a short diet to boost your metabolism. It should help.
I am drinking a diet tea to help boost mine. jeje. and cutting back.
I will be so curious to see how this diet works for you!
Yes now you must keep with it!
WEll, off to walk a little more.
Springing with ya,
Dani Joy