Monday, January 25, 2010

Ready for a new week

Sundays are intense ministry days, (and yesterday was a most difficult one) so Mondays are days I wake up feeling extra tired. Although I was thinking about doing a 20 min. walking video, I did 20 min. of Tae Bo (not sure I spelled that right) and sweat some, and am now ready for the days work.
Saturday I spent the day at a ladies meeting and did well on the food part. When I got home, I was feeling really tired and sluggish, so decided to do 20 min. of aerobic exercise. Miracle of miracles, I got my dh to join me! Sure hope that happens again soon, because nothing like a partner standing next to you to make exercise double the fun : )
Weighted in this a.m. and have lost a pound since we began on Wed., which is proof again that regular exercise and food portion control really do matter. This takes a little more planning - making a menu is a must if I don´t want to eat "whatever", but so worth the effort. Looking forward to measuring and weighting in for points on Wednesday. Hope your "springing" gets off to a good start this morning.

P.S. Dani, please check out my labels, as I´m not sure I´ve got the right ones.
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