Monday, January 25, 2010

Former Fat Lady, Here Again!

If I don't watch myself...I'm going to have to change my name back to "Fat Lady Nina"...dropping the 'Former'!!

Life has been tough for me since the last challenge ended.

Sickness, holidays, visitors and ministry in High is a whirlwind with me being pulled in many directions. Plus, just when I though life was getting back into a somewhat routine, I threw my back out and for fear of re-injury, I'm afraid to exercise at the same force I was prior to the injury...There's not enough time in the day for me to be laid up in bed again.

Mom's exercise time seems to be getting in the way of 'life' lately and I'm afraid that without Mom's exercise will soon become, once again, fat, lazy and miserable. my attempt to hold on to my "Former Fat Lady Status"....I'm here with you guys again!

(I'm also the Label get your labels straight already..."Yes, Mam!")

I'll be back with some updated pics. Looking back over the last few months of photos, I don't have any good ones of me showing the weight loss....I'm always the photographer....I'll get one of my kids to take a few soon, and I'll re-post then.

So for now..I'm trying to remember my rules...small portions, exercise, watch sugar, eat whole grains, drink more water...and have fun.

Have a fantastic week Ladies!

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