Friday, January 29, 2010

Ketty´s workout

Hello friends, I hope you enjoy my video. I know Dani posted the same exercise last crunch, so this one is to show the new crunchers. :-)



Dani Joy said...

You are soooo soooo awesome!!! You got it! YOu can do that static squat so well now!! I too didn´t think I could ever do that. It hurt so badly in the beginning but now it´s one of my favorite moves. LOL. I love thinking about all that fat melting way, as Jillian says.

Great Crunching Ketty!! I am sooo proud of you! you have just got to feel great. And you look great too!

Today I had so many from Joseph ´s team telling me how much weight I have lost. I would just smile and say yes, I have lost a bit of weight. It was fun.

Love your video girl! thanks for posting it! Awesome!!

Dani Joy

Maribel said...

Way to go, Ketty! Your comments made me laugh! This summer we can record a video at camp! Just kidding! Keep working out! Isn't it funny how difficult things get easier with practice!

Maribel said...
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Ketty said...

Jajajajajaaja, do it at camp?
Hey Joy, what about teaching a "ladies crunching class" at camp, oops, yes yes I know you are going to think here it goes, crazy Ketty again asking a stupid question :-).

Hey Dani, where is my extra point for squating? lol lol lol.

I love this blog and all of you.

And if anybody there is discouraged for whatever reason ,I want you to know I´ve been praying for all of you to do your best for the Lord this week.


Nina in Portugal said...

Ketty....You're so funny!!

I LOVE to watch your videos!!

I agree with Jillian....Perfect!!