Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey! I Finally Made It!

I finally made it to the blog! I have been with you all in spirit since the beginning, but had trouble starting up. Thanks to Dani Joy for inviting me to this Faith and Fitness group. I have been encouraged by you ladies for sharing your success. I took measurement last week and thank you to the precious lady who made the excel worksheet that makes this all easier. I am still somewhat unfamiliar with how this works, but my daughter. Genni, is also doing this and help me.

I am a home educating mom of 6 children ages 3-20 years and married to a wonderful Godly man, who unfortunately has been away for 2 years, home on weekend 2-3 times a month. We are in the middle of the biggest move of our lives to join him soon. I am under a lot of stress and heavier than I have ever been. My husband was home last weekend and I really didn’t get started until Monday, Jan 25. When I am stressed I frequently try to handle everything myself and tend to eat way too much of the wrong stuff.

I really started this on Monday when I determined that I could not be like this any longer. I am so thankful for you all. I have determined to eat healthy and am doing the Maker’s Diet in reverse, starting with stage 3. I am took week and fat to actually start on phase 1. I have not had any sugar, white flour, pasta, or other bad foods. I am allowing 2 tbsp of Raw honey per day, but don’t always eat this. I am only eating Flemish Desem Bread and a very small amount of Bread made with honey and freshly ground wheat, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, bison, eggs, cheese, beans, legumes, amaranth, quinoa and a small amount of milk. Basically just cutting out candy, chocolate, chips, pasta, cookies, etc.

I decided to step on the scale this morning since I had gained one pound from last week on Wednesday. I first prayed to God, saying “I really need some encouragement.” He is a good and gracious God! I weighed 4 pounds less than my starting weight and 5 pounds less than my Wednesday weight. I have a long way to go and am setting my goal for 30# of weight loss for this spring and hope to loose another 20-40# in the next year. I haven’t really started the exercise yet, but hope to get that going soon. I am so very grateful to Dani Joy for her invitation and to God for motivating me to join and to all of you too!

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