Friday, January 29, 2010

Springy Journal Week 2

Hello Friends! I feel like I have been away from you all for a long time. This week has been SO crazy I almost haven't even had time to check my email much less post anything or read your posts.
Needless to say the eating part of my spring challenge is not going well. I have been exercising.
Here's my numbers:
Weight - no change also no surprise
Bust -.5
Chest -1
Waist no change
Hips no change
Right arm -.5
Left arm no change
Right thigh no change
Left thigh -.5
Total 2.5

I have a new plan for eating for the next week - now to implement it. =)
Your posts are all so encouraging and motivating! You are all doing great! Thanks for the posts and the encouragment! Keep up the great work! I like the weekly journal format that is posted weekly - think I'm going to try for that this next week. I think it will keep me more aware of what I am doing.
Have a great weekend!
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