Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So thankful ...

Hello again! I am Sarah K. (This picture is my end of the challenge picture from December.) I was so thankful for the jumpstart on my healthy life goal in the fall of last year! I lost 10 lbs and 20 inches - thanks to the encouragement of the wonderful ladies here and the accountability. Over our "Christmas break" I gained back 4.2 lbs and about an inch everywhere. =( My goal for 2010 is to lose 5 lbs a month. I am not having a great start. I am once again hopeful that having this accountability will make me find the spot in my day (and house) to exercise and be healthy. My goals for this challenge are to eat 1000-1300 calories a day. Only 1 Pepsi a day. Exercise either with the aerobic rider for 60 min or yogalates for 60 min a day. Start my day off with a 10-15 min stretching routine. Thanks in advance for your encouragment and accountability. I am looking forward to "Springing into Shape" with all of you!


Joy said...

Hi Sarah. I´m thinking you did pretty good to have only gained that little bit of weight back in the middle of the biggest eating extravaganza of our calendar year! I too am excited about getting back into the accountability. Take care.

Dani Joy said...

Oh Sarah! I am so glad to see you working at this for life! You are an inspiration!

Yes, let´s make time in our day to take care of our temples. it´s so important.

I totally encourage you to cut out that Pepsi girl.. before you know it you will be down to one a week on your free day. You can do it! Do you like Pepsi Light or Max? Even though is has the chemicals in it you actually lose weight. anyway just suggestions. I drink coffee. jeje

Big hugs and thanks again for helping with the comments.

Dani Joy

Ketty said...

You can do it Sarak!!!

Sarah said...

Sarah... It's so nice to see you on here again. The average person gains 5 + pounds over the holidays, so you're not alone. AND you gonna get it off again!

Here are a few suggestions: NEVER go below 1200 calories a day. If you do you body think your starving it, so it holds onto weight. TRUST me, I've learned from this.
And slowly cut back on things instead of cutting them out cold turkey. You should always wean, you have a higher chance of sticking with it if you do.
Hang in there and you can do this!


Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Yeah... Sarah I gained over the holidays-5lbs! I've been able to get 3 back off and working on the other 2! I know the Lord can help us to be better for Him!

Sarah K said...

Thanks everyone!
Dani - I only like regular Pepsi and when I am not "watching" I can drink 2 or 3 a day but usually no more than that. I kept the 1 a day during the last challenge and that is all the discipline I am ready for right now...maybe when I hit a plateau. =)
Sarah - Thanks for the calorie advice. I plan for 1000-1300 food calories so I can still drink my Pepsi. ;-0

Dani Joy said...

Sounds good Sarah K. I know you can do this with God´s strength, and who knows maybe even cut your Pepsi out to one a week by the end. ;)
Big hugs
Dani Joy