Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flinging the Fat

I think I already know most of you on this new challenge. I am joining this challenge to continue on my fitness journey, keep accountable for my exercise, and lose the last 6 lb. to meet my weight loss goal.

Here is a little info about me from the last challenge.

Hello, my name is Tami. Along with my family, I live in Siberia, Russia. We are missionaries here. I am 36 years old, and I have been married to Steve for 16 years. We have lived in Russia since 2000. The Lord has blessed us with 3 children: Ashley, 12, Andrew, 10, and Melissa, 6.

I want to do this challenge, because I want to lose weight, and feel better about myself. I am also an RN, and worked for a few years in a Coronary Care Unit, and know the value of maintaining a healthy weight for your health. I have a family history of both heart disease and cancer on both sides of my family, and I want to lower those risk factors by eating properly and maintaining a healthy weight for my body.

I stay busy homeschooling my children, helping occasionally in Sunday School, teaching English to 2 groups of children, and doing Bible studies.

When I started the last challenge in October I weighed 127. I currently weigh 118 (53.5 kg) , and my goal is 112 lb. (51 kg). I'm really glad I joined the last time, and I'm hoping to keep going. What really motivated me to start the last challenge was a neighbor asking me if I was pregnant. Not that being pregnant is bad, but when you are not, you don't want to look like you are!

No one besides my family has even noticed my weight loss from the last challenge until I saw my neighbor on Christmas, and she said, "What have you been doing? I can tell you have lost weight." I was so happy someone noticed! I did pretty well with exercising over our "Christmas break," but I did eat too many sweets. My weight has stayed the same, but a few inches creeped back on me. It's time to get back to work!

Here are my current statistics:

Bust 33.5
Chest 29
Waist 27
Hips 38
R thigh 21.5
L thigh 22
R arm 11
L arm 11
Height 5' 3"
Weight 53.5

Measurements are in inches and weight is in kg. I want to lose 6 lb. I don't have a goal for inches, but I know I still have lots of toning to do.

My Fitness Plans: I plan to continue to do my workout DVD's:
Step up to Fitness
Creative Aerobics
Fitness Forte
Full Circuit

I also plan to use my elliptical on some days. Snow removal is also great exercise that I get to do quite often. (I'm really bummed that this challenge didn't start yesterday, as we had to dig out after a big snowstorm. It took DH and I an hour and 40 minutes to clean it all up. We had snow over 1 foot deep in places. I'm still feeling a little sore today from all that lifting.) As far as eating: I eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can, as well as lean meats. I cut out as much sugar as I can, and eat very few simple starches. That's pretty much it. We don't have many fresh fruits and vegetables available at this time of year in Siberia, so I just do the best that I can. I drink only 1 small glass of juice at breakfast, and drink water the rest of the day.



I am also going to introduce my personal accountability partner, my 12 year-old daughter, Ashley. Ashley wants to join us for this fitness crunch as well, and so she will also be keeping me on my toes.

I want to do this to get in shape, lose weight, and help my mom. My weight loss goal is 4 kg.

My current statistics:

Bust 33
Chest 30
Waist 28.5
Hips 36
R thigh 21.5
L thigh 21.5
R arm 11
L arm 11.5
Height 5' 1.5"
Weight 50.5 kg

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