Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Journal

Ok, today I didn´t measure but my weight was down 200 grams, so it´s better than nothins.

I started counting points for my good choices today and so far I have no negatives.
Breakfast, oatmeal and nuts.
Lunch: salad, a little steak and carrots.
Dinner. Gulas and jamón serrano.

Snacks: I had a madarine in the morning and a banana in the efternoon.

I have been walking every day expect Sunday, and this week I´ve done the shred the last 2 days. I was thinking about doing it everyday but I am so exausted today I decided I just can´t do it for a whole month.

I still really enjoy my daily marching holding my dumbells.

I hope you all had a great day.


Dani Joy said...

Great job, Ketty. Oh I know the Shred is a toughy! just keep up the walking and marching and eating good. I think you will still see change. However, if you hit a plateau you should try to get sweating again.

Joy said...

Hi Ketty,
I´m praying that the rain stops soon so dh and I can get out again to walk. I have thought about a treadmill (for the both of us) or an eliptical - but am not sure whether the "machine" is the answer : ) Glad you are still doing the walking with the weights at work. Can´t believe what a blessing God has given you to be able to get paid while you exercise : )

Maribel said...

Tu comes muchas gulas de esas, ¿no? Yo me comeré el apio. Un beso,

Maribel said...
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