Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Nix the Fix

Saturday's are normally my "free" days, but being that I traveled this week I tried to be as good as possible yesterday.

I got in 30 minutes of Kenpo (Kick Boxing).

Breakfast: Kashi cereal with rain bran, protein powder, and skim milk (1 pt)
Snack: Almonds (1 pt)
Lunch: Grilled chicken salad, oranges, almonds, light dressing (I only used 45 calories worth of dressing. (2 pts)
Snack: 1/2 protein bar and coffee (1 pt)
Dinner: Light roast beef sandwich on Whole Wheat bun with honey mustard... I also had a few french fries (I'm not giving myself any points for this because I also had 1/2 a brownie!)
Snack: 1 packet 100 calories rice cakes and 1/2 protein bar (1 pt)

Hoping Sunday will be a bit better!

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Dani Joy said...

Do you like rice cakes? Maybe I should try them again. I just feel like I am eating cardboard. LOL

How is your training coming for the marathon. I saw you increased to 50 min jog. How many miles are you able to do in 50 min? I was so discouraged the other day that I only did about 2 miles in 30 min. that´s terrible. I was going up hill but still. oh well, just curious. I am working on it.

Dani Joy