Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dani´s Food Journal 2

I started out good with these yummy hotcakes by Jillian. They are full of protien.

Had a good snack. But dinner wasn´t as healthy and It should have been. I should have just had a salad, I think. I didn´t realize that the spinich egg tortillini would be so salty or the baked pork chops so fatty. uuhhhggg!!!

I am only giving myself 3 points for yesterday.

Sunday so far, has been good.

Two Jillian hotcakes
1 wasa cracker with light cheese

Baked Cod
garlic green beens
small portion of long grain white rice
-2 points for  a little piece of white bread. It was sooo soft and yummy! =(

Gotta eat good tonight. I will let you  know how it goes. Planning on eating a salad. I definitely can´t repeat last night. All that salt had me up two pounds this am. That´s terrible! Especially after doing an hour of hard workout!

I jogged yesterday for 30 min. and did Level 3 shred. It was tough!! Wow Sarah, and Nina, you are so whipping me into shape! Someone told me today that I looked like I was losing more weight cause I was slimmer in the backside! wooo hooo! haven´t lost weight, but have been toning! Can´t stop now!

I want to close this journal out with a great new find!

Go here for all kinds of great recipes!

Hope you all have a good Sunday.
Don´t throw away all your hard work. Let´s keep Nixing that Fix!

Dani Joy
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