Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday - nixing the fix

This is rather boring...because I ate almost exactly what I had yesterday : )

Breakfast: Cereal with fresh apple and skim milk - 1 point
herbal tea (no sugar) - 1 point
rice cake with peanut butter and honey - 1 point
Morning: snack bar - low fat and sf - 1 point
Lunch: potato, carrot and onion bake - 1 point
green salad with saurkraut - 1 point
1 small square sf chocolate - 1 point

afternoon snack: 1 piece of wasa with paté (something I´m trying after finding out I´m a fast oxidizer) - 1 point
Supper: fresh bread with ham and low fat cheese - not going to take a point here - because the bread wasn´t a real necessity - just needed to use it up : )
1 baked apple - 1 point
post: 1 point


Dani Joy said...

if it´s pretty much the same don´t worry about posting it all.. just what you want to post about. that´s fine. ;)

Don´t forget to count the all in one meals as their separate food groups. for example your veggie bake is worth 2 points. one for the meat and one for the veggies. beef here is really lean.

I am learning a lot though from our food choices. Trying to remember to look before I bite. jeje

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

OH you did the test?? I just noticed that you wrote you are a fast oxidizer. thats interesting.

What new things did you learn?

Dani Joy