Monday, March 1, 2010

Nix the Fix

Yesterday I did really well... just didn't post about it. I like to take Sunday's off from the computer - it doesn't always work!

I felt all rev'd up today to start another new week of P90x after a recovery week and traveling out of town. It felt good to push my body hard! I know... I'm crazy!

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Kashi & raisin bran cereal, soy milk, protein powder and fruit - 2 pts
Snack: 1/2 protein bar- 1 pt
Lunch: 2 egg whites, with FF Cheese, Turkey sausage & whole wheat bagel with FF cream cheese, 2 cups of coffee - 2 pts
Snack: Almonds & 1/2 C soymilk - 2 pts
Dinner: Whole Wheat English Muffin pizza made with turkey sausage & FF cheese - 1 pt
Snack: Haven't had it yet, but I will be having a salad after volleyball - 1 pt

I also did 40 minutes of the treadmill, along with 1 hour of p90x. Hince, my large lunch!

Now I'm off to go plan an hour long volleyball game!



Dani Joy said...

I know I posted a comment on this last night. I was wondering if you feel full especially after you are working out so much. after my workouts I am starving. I just want to chow. This is why I am not dropping anymore weight. I am eating exactly the amount I am burning. or It must be salt or something. I am analizing. I am trying not to get frustrated. I mean I am exercising an hour a day a lot harder than before and still not dropping below 130 again. the last challenge I was 127.
It´s hard at this point to analize what I should do. I prob. should cut back more on each meal and cut out the rice. what do you think? oh and the night time choc. square and raisins probably.

Sarah said...

I know there are a ton of things that I could cut out in my diet, but I've come to the realization that it's not "real". I'm trying to make this a lifestyle change, not a "diet" that feels like I'm torturing myself over.

I have chocolate every day. I keep chocolate chips in my freezer and have about 10 after every meal. It gets me over the sweet craving.

You're body should be hungry after burning so many calories, mine is the same way. Just don't overindulge too much.

You should be eating the right about of calories you're body needs to to survive alone, and then create a defecit by working out.

My body did the same exact thing yours is doing right now. I plateaued for what seemed like FOREVER! I took some time off (when I had the surgery) and then bounced back in and started losing again.

After this challenge is over (it's the same exact week I finish my second time P90X) I'm going to just focus on training for my race. Once that's over I might take 2 full weeks off of doing NOTHING! Then jump back in again. I did this around Christmas while we moved into our house and I could totally feel my body recoverying from everything I do to it. This is something you might think about!

Dani Joy said...

Thanks Sarah for responding. It helped me to realize and not to beat myself up. literally with the exercise. LOL. There are days I just can´t do what I did last week. I burned I kid you not over 3000 calories last week and didn´t see under 130. So I really needed your comment. Thanks again for being apart of this!

Dani Joy