Monday, March 1, 2010

Dani Joy FC #3

I had a much better food day. Let´s see if the scales say so tomorrow too. I am working to get under and stay under 130 but the scales don´t think so.

2 pieces of wwtoast with sf jelly and sf natural PB
Coffee 3pts

Lunch: Chicken, rice, and veggies 3 pts

SF Chocolate, Raisins, Protien Drink 3 pts

Salad, cheese 0%, 2 chicken nuggets 2pts

I had a late night snack too with my tea. It was healthy but I won´t count that for my points.

Today I did Level 3 Shred and a 15 min. Jog. then another 10 min walk of walking.  Plus my Monday shopping which involves walking to the store, lugging all the groceries all over the store and returning walking with all the groceries. It takes me about a half hour but I count only one point.  total 4 pts

Grand total for the day including this post = 16 points ! my record!

Signing off... but Springing it tomorrow with Jillian´s Shred and the core workout on the Trouble zones.

Dani Joy
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