Monday, March 1, 2010

Nix the Fix

Yesterday I did really well... just didn't post about it. I like to take Sunday's off from the computer - it doesn't always work!

I felt all rev'd up today to start another new week of P90x after a recovery week and traveling out of town. It felt good to push my body hard! I know... I'm crazy!

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Kashi & raisin bran cereal, soy milk, protein powder and fruit - 2 pts
Snack: 1/2 protein bar- 1 pt
Lunch: 2 egg whites, with FF Cheese, Turkey sausage & whole wheat bagel with FF cream cheese, 2 cups of coffee - 2 pts
Snack: Almonds & 1/2 C soymilk - 2 pts
Dinner: Whole Wheat English Muffin pizza made with turkey sausage & FF cheese - 1 pt
Snack: Haven't had it yet, but I will be having a salad after volleyball - 1 pt

I also did 40 minutes of the treadmill, along with 1 hour of p90x. Hince, my large lunch!

Now I'm off to go plan an hour long volleyball game!

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