Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last day of nixing the fix : ) - Joy

Here is my last entry for this wonderful way of pushing that ticker forward : ) Looking forward to measure/weight in day tomorrow.

Breakfast: Bran cereal with skim milk, added half an apple chopped and raisins (talk about yummy), herbal tea, rice cake with pb and honey. - 4 points

Lunch: Steamed potatoes with garlic and chicken, tomato & cucumber salad. - 2 points

Supper: wasa cracker with light cream cheese (garlic and parsley flavor) and plain tuna, baked sweet potatoe. - 2 points

snack- a.m. 1 square sf chocolate and about 10 nuts.
p. m. - 1 yogurt - w/ brown sugar and vanilla. 2 points

This post + my 20 min. of exercise - 2 points.
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