Friday, March 19, 2010

Springy Journal for this week

Hello ladies!

Today it's Fathers' Day in Spain and we don't have school. We are all home for a three day weekend. We planned the day and I gave myself an hour for exercise. I got to exercise for an hour on Wednesday. It is exciting when I can splurge like that. Yesterday, I just did my daily routine and walked to Valenciano class and back. I was happy to see I weighed 55.4 yesterday, so I won't weigh myself for a few days ;). I enjoy wearing clothes that were too tight before. Isn't it fun?!

Today we made a "Daddy Breakfast": Cheese biscuits, which I make ww, bacon (only had a small piece) and eggs (one for me), and homemade doughnuts (ww too ;). We have planned to eat lasagna for dinner . . . what a day! I bought ground chicken and turkey to make it leaner. I'll make a nice big salad with spinach and "canónigos". I like to eat what everybody eats, so I just make food healthier for everyone. They seem to enjoy it.

I have to measure myself. I did sort of quickly the other day and it was basically the same. I'll have to write it down and compare. Next post!

See if I can get ready one of those nifty exercise videos. Have a great weekend.



Ketty said...

Hi Maribel, I also started cooking the same for everybody in the family. Once I finished all the white rice and pasta I had in the house, I only cook wheat rice and wheet pasta for them, I even bought wheat noodles for the soup.
I hope you have a great day also.

Dani Joy said...

that´s awesome you got an hour of exercise in the other day. I know sometimes time just doesn´t allow it. Í have to split my workouts out through the day. walking extra fast. ;)

I am so happy you get to put you other clothes on. You must be feeling sooo sooo good! 55 kilos!! Congratulations!!

YOu are doing an amazing job!! Praise the Lord! I love how you make your foods more healthy for you and the whole family!

Dani Joy