Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ready to Race???

Our very own Sarah Foster is training for a big race. 
 How does she do it?

Well, she has been giving us a step by step for the past few weeks. I have been so motivated.

But how does one get started training for a race? It seems so daunting.

I found this article and wanted to share about how to take steps in getting ready for a race.

Plan for running a successful 5K by starting with these training and preparation tips...

Training to Run a 5K

The initial step in preparing to run your first 5K is coming up with a gradual training program to build up strength and stamina...Walk first. If you haven't exercised much before, start out your training with an eight-day walking program. For the first four days of training, walk for 20 minutes; then increase the workout to 30 minutes for the last four days of your walking training.

  • Start slowly. If you have already been exercising, you'll want to devote about four workouts per week to a mix of running and walking.

  • Run a little, walk a little. Don't push yourself too much too early, since that may only lead to injury and burnout. Start out by running for two minutes, then walking for four minutes, for 30 minutes total.

  • Keep it up. Move at the pace in which your body feels most comfortable; keep up that routine until it becomes too easy. Then you can increase the intensity.

  • Fire it up. When ready, move minutes from walking time to running time. Run for three minutes and walk for three, run for four minutes and walk for two, and so on until you can run 30 minutes comfortably without taking a break.
The article goes on to explain about what you should wear and then getting a support group to keep you motivated. Go HERE to read all about it.

We have a great group. Let´s keep each other motivated. It´s so important to keep firing it up!

Keeping at it with you,
Dani Joy
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