Monday, March 22, 2010

What I did today

Ok, let me tell you that I´m not planning at all to run a 5K. I think I already said it before but I can´t run, and I haven´t run for years, more than 20.

Anyway, today I decided to walk outdoors because the weather was perfecto for it. It was at 9 pm and I went to an outdoor running track. There was only 1 person running there so I got gutsy and started just walking around the 400 meters track. I went around once, and then I RUN THE SECOND LAP. I ran for 400 meters and I just couldn´t believe I even tried that but I did it and surprised myself. This might not mean a lot if you are very young, but I am 42 and running wasn´t one of my plans ever.

Now, I have to say it took me 2 more laps marching to recover from it :-). I was also able to not just walk, but march for the last 2 laps. This was my first try on a running track and I did like it, so I might try it more often now. Anyway, for 15 minutes I was able to, walk, run and march. Four laps alltogether. My first day, I hope I can improve it.

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