Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dani Joy´s Last Springy Journal -

Ketty and I had a great time! She did a fabulous job organizing the first Christian Homeschool Retreat here in Spain. After everyone had left we got a picture together.  I should put before and after pictures of us both too. ;) 

Ketty and I before the Christmas challenge.


This picture taken March 31, 2010!
Spring Into Shape Challenge Finale

I know, I am late with my measurements. I came home with a terrible headache. I curled up on the sofa and don´t remember anything else.

This morning, I weighed and measured  And totaled.

Spring Into Shape:  Start                                      Finish
                        Lbs: 131                                        127
                       Bust: 32"                                        same
                     Chest: 30"                                         29"
                      waist: 30"                                         29"
                       Hips: 37.5"                                      36.5"
                    Thighs: 22"                                         21.8" just a little
                     Arms: 10.5"                                       10"
Total lbs = 4lbs
Total in. = 4in.

I didn´t quite make my 125lb goal, but I know I will! I usually get very active during the summer. Plus, I now know, I depend heavily on motivation and our challenges! I love you, all so much! Thank you for participating!

Love, Dani Joy


Ketty said...

Hey girl, thank you for posting my pics now I don´t have to do it, you are great.

And yes lady, Dani looks great, she has done a wonderful job on her fitness program and a great job encouraging all of us to do it, for which I am really happy.

I didn´t do bad at all after my 7 day "vacation". Came home and my weight is mostly the same. And of course, I´m hoping to keep this food habit forever, for health reasons.

By the way, I had a great time at the first Christian Homeschooling retreat Dani helped me planned, and now we have to start planning the next one because everybody wanted to keep having them to encourage each other.

Thank you Dani.

Dani Joy said...

awww!! Love you too, Ketty!! it was great! Great job!!!

I am glad you didn´t mind me posting our pics. jeje.. I thought it was cool to look at where we had come from. Plus, I couldn´t remember what you looked like before you started, so had to go looking! jeje

Can´t wait to start working on the CECA blog now.

Big hugs
Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Your pictures are fantastic! Great job!