Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dani Joy´s Last Springy Journal -

Ketty and I had a great time! She did a fabulous job organizing the first Christian Homeschool Retreat here in Spain. After everyone had left we got a picture together.  I should put before and after pictures of us both too. ;) 

Ketty and I before the Christmas challenge.


This picture taken March 31, 2010!
Spring Into Shape Challenge Finale

I know, I am late with my measurements. I came home with a terrible headache. I curled up on the sofa and don´t remember anything else.

This morning, I weighed and measured  And totaled.

Spring Into Shape:  Start                                      Finish
                        Lbs: 131                                        127
                       Bust: 32"                                        same
                     Chest: 30"                                         29"
                      waist: 30"                                         29"
                       Hips: 37.5"                                      36.5"
                    Thighs: 22"                                         21.8" just a little
                     Arms: 10.5"                                       10"
Total lbs = 4lbs
Total in. = 4in.

I didn´t quite make my 125lb goal, but I know I will! I usually get very active during the summer. Plus, I now know, I depend heavily on motivation and our challenges! I love you, all so much! Thank you for participating!

Love, Dani Joy
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