Thursday, April 1, 2010

Final report

Congratulations to all of those who stuck to it and can report today. I may even be the last one to post, but I think it was 12 am PST, right? ;). I have not been very strict with myself, but I think I am now into an exercise routine. I enjoy it, but I specially like the feeling after having done it. It's like traveling. I like to go places, but I don't enjoy the way there as much. But since we like the results, we stick to it.

I have exercised an average of 30 minutes a day. There have been days that I worked out for longer, and others that I skipped, so I prefer to talk about an average, if that is OK.

Here are my beginning measurements and the current ones. I have been below what I am right now, but this is a bad time of the month to post final results. ;)

We are on our way to Camp Ebenezer. I plan to go jogging or at least walking with my husband around the beautiful campsite and surroundings. Everyone have a great time of celebration with your family. Jesus Christ is risen, and He lives!


My measurements

Height: 161 cm 5 ft 3 in

Weight: @ 57.8 (@127 lbs) 56.5 125

Bust: 96 cm
37.8 in 94 37

Chest: 80 cm
31.5 in 77 30.25

Waist: 70 cm
27.5 in 69 27.25
Hips: 96 cm
37.8 in 95 37.25

Right Thigh: 54.5 cm
21.5 in 53 21

Left Thigh: 54 cm
21.2 in 52.5 21

Right Arm: 28 cm
11 in 26 10

Left Arm: 27.5 cm
10.8 25 10

Total lost: 1.2 kg 2 pounds

12 cm

I'm late!

Thank you for everything.

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