Thursday, April 1, 2010

If you fail to plan ... (last springy journal)

... you plan to fail. This is my life this last week.
3 good weeks out of 10 is discouraging. But I will look forward and not back. =)

This past week I spent 20 "official" minutes exercising.
I gained 1.2 lbs.
I lost 2.25 inches.

There you go.

I have my spreadsheet set up to continue tracking my measurements and weight, so that it will be easy to continue that part. I have a day set aside to plan my days/meals/etc... so that hopefully the rest of the school year/baseball season will not find me with so many "fail" days.

Thanks ladies for your encouragement, faithfulness to your fitness journeys and example of how to make it all work.
Thanks Danielle for continuing this blog and encouraging everyone.
Have a blessed Easter!

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Dani Joy said...

Keep plugging at it Sarah. If one day is bad, just don´t look back, get right back on. Like you said. Maybe tracking your weight loss at real age. com will help too. You can do this thing. Know you will feel so much better!

Even without the challenge you can challenge your self. Only give yourself one free day. then get right back at it.

I am right there with ya!
Dani Joy