Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello, I am Sarah K. =)

Here is my fitness journey...
Growing up I was not overweight. I didn't play sports. I loved to read. When I got to high school I got a job 1 mile away from my home, so I walked and stopped in at the 7 Eleven and bought soda and junk. Since I was walking 2 miles a day it didn't affect my weight. After graduation I bought a car. I no longer needed to walk and I was short on time (since I was working 3 jobs) so I drove everywhere, continued to eat the same and gained the "Freshman 15". I got engaged, married, pregnant (gained 50 lbs) and had my 1st child. I lost all but the last 10 lbs right off the bat. Easy peasy. 6 months later we moved. 4 months later pregnant with child #2. I didn't lose anything after he was born. 17 months later child #3 born. I lost everything new but still had child #2's 50 lbs. 3 years later child #4, gained the normal 50 lbs while pregnant and lost all but 10. 3 years later child #5, same story.
Enter the Christmas Crunch Challenge... hooray! From the time I heard about it until it started I lost 7 lbs. I lost 10 lbs during the challenge. 2010 has been super crazy. I joined the Spring Fling Challenge but I was trying to change too many things in my household/life at once, along with the kids schedules going out of whack. I am just starting to feel like I can think about keeping up. I have gained 9 lbs back.
My plan for this challenge is:
  • to go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am. I think getting a good nights sleep will be the most beneficial for me. I won't feel the need to drink a lot of caffeine, and I tend to have less munchies when I am not tired.
  • put my calorie journal back on the fridge
  • drink 8 glasses of water and only 1 Pepsi a day
  • 60 min a day of exercise - using the aerobic rider, yogalates or going on a walk with the kids

I weigh and measure on Thursdays, so I will do my weekly journal posts after that. =)

I am looking forward to Sweating off the fat with all of you!


Dani Joy said...

Great Sarah!
WE are here for you! You can do this thing. If you have a late night it´s ok just don´t let go of the exercise. that´s what will burn the extra calorie intake. Or cut out more calories if you can´t get the exercise in. We all know this but somehow it gets out of wack. I have a hard time with the sleep thing but, with the Lord´s help kept exercising and that is what really did it. Obviously eating whole wheat and no sugar will help a lot too.

I love your idea of putting the calorie diary on the fridge. It´s a big help to have it in front of you. Stick to your goals girl. YOu have us as accountability.

Remember the reason you have started this thing. It is important and you can get back to what you want. Don´t let Satan lie to you. It is worth it and so are you!

Let´s sweat it off!
Sweatin´it with ya,
Dani Joy
PS. I got your ticker up finally. I just assumed I had ya on there and realized last night that I didn´t. sorry bout that.

~Catherine~ said...

I understand it's harder than some would think to give up soda I had quite the Pepsi addiction myself it was always in the house... it's cheap and easy the caffiene... the list goes on but you are wise to cut back one thing that helped me stop with all the soda was to have some carbonated flavored waters on hand for the first few weeks I have been really good now I limit it to parties etc... goes sooo good with cake and ice cream...LOL I've drifted but the point is I know it's hard but if I can do it you can too :-D

Dani Joy said...

So true Cathy, we have to substitute not just take out. I have soda still but keep it to special occations and drink mainly Coke Zero. I have gotten use to the taste. I can´t cut out chocolate nor coffee so I have sugar free and sugar sub. I know those can be harmful in large quantities so I don´t overdo. Just a little a day. ;)

So great to have the motivation and see you all commenting on each other´s posts. Let´s keep being positive and uplifting. It´s key in the journey.

Sweatin it with ya
Dani Joy