Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hi y‘all from the rolling hills of Texas. I was a part of the last fitness challenge, Spring into Shape, but we were in the middle of a big move so I was not as diligent as I should have been (or plan to be this time around).

I should say more in order to properly introduce myself…I’m just an 18 year old girl named Genevieve (better known as Miss-Better-Late-Than-Never) and three days after I was supposed to have this done I have finally gotten around to joining the more social facet of the program. The question now is…Can I fit myself into a nutshell?…Well, here’s a go at it….

First off, I am humbled to call myself a daughter of the King of Kings…what follows is all by God’s grace. My favorite part of “me” right now is being a daughter at home, with three younger sisters and two brothers, one older one younger. I have the most wonderful family ever! The other aspects of my life seem dim in comparison…I am working on my degree with an innovative program called College Plus where I’m able to do most of my studying from home. Some things I enjoy are reading, writing, playing the piano (quite average) play with children (does that count?) and most aspects of homekeeping. When I can, I try to throw some sleep into the mix too.

I met Danni Joy at my church in El Paso, Texas when I was (???), quite young anyway. She has been such a dear friend, I just wish we got to see her more often (which is one I’m so excited to be a part of this summer sweat off).
That's me and my dad in the picture.

Okay, moving on to the diet and exercise part…I’m a health food nut, I get that from my mom. I’ve actually been trying to gain weight for most of my teen years (I was way to thin). But now I’m at the point where I’d like to lose some weight and tone up a little. I‘ve been following the makers diet, but I need to cut down on my honey consumption =) My beautiful Mother (Annie) and I will be doing this challenge together. Since we’ve gotten mostly settled in to our new home, she and I have been walking 2 miles in in the mornings and any other time we can. I’ve taken up biking (for fun), running and hiking (I just finished a long hike up a big rock/mountain and now my legs are killing me which is a good thing). I’m thinking exercise will be the catalyst to getting the weight off and I’d like to get down to 120 (I‘m 5‘7“). This is a recent picture of my brother and I.

Whew…sorry to make this into such a lengthy “nutshell” of me…I’ll close here before I end up writing a book. God bless!!!

Gen <><
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