Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello from Annie

Hi! I am Annie and I met Danielle when she was just newly married to Joseph. She has always been a blessing to me and my family. I was blessed to be the sixth child in a family with eight children. We had a lot of fun and I learned some very bad eating habits. This is me with 2 sisters eating brownies and milk shakes before bed. I am the one with my hands over my eyes.

I gained a few pounds in junior high, but lost it in college. I was in ROTC and enjoyed exercising and running. I continued this into the Army and was quite fit and trim. I met my wonderful and godly husband and resigned my commission. We started having children soon after and God blessed us with six beautiful children who I am home educating. I gradually lost the motivation to exercise, but learned to eat healthier. With birthday parties for our children almost every month and baking sweet deserts I gradually gained way too much weight. I know how to eat right and exercise, but haven’t been able to put it into my schedule. I am motivated with this challenge and my sweet daughter who has encourage me to walk with her every morning. My plan now is to eat a low carb diet with lots of veggies and some fruit along with walking 2 miles at a brisk pace every morning except Sunday. I will also so some other walking and exercise as time permits. I am blessed to be living (temporarily) in the hill country north of San Antonio, Texas, so the walking is up and down hills. The photo with me was when I was first married-fit and trim. The group shot is after 21 years of marriage with my husband and children. As you can see I have a very long journey to being fit and trim again, but I trust God to be with me in this adventure.
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