Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello, I am Sarah K. =)

Here is my fitness journey...
Growing up I was not overweight. I didn't play sports. I loved to read. When I got to high school I got a job 1 mile away from my home, so I walked and stopped in at the 7 Eleven and bought soda and junk. Since I was walking 2 miles a day it didn't affect my weight. After graduation I bought a car. I no longer needed to walk and I was short on time (since I was working 3 jobs) so I drove everywhere, continued to eat the same and gained the "Freshman 15". I got engaged, married, pregnant (gained 50 lbs) and had my 1st child. I lost all but the last 10 lbs right off the bat. Easy peasy. 6 months later we moved. 4 months later pregnant with child #2. I didn't lose anything after he was born. 17 months later child #3 born. I lost everything new but still had child #2's 50 lbs. 3 years later child #4, gained the normal 50 lbs while pregnant and lost all but 10. 3 years later child #5, same story.
Enter the Christmas Crunch Challenge... hooray! From the time I heard about it until it started I lost 7 lbs. I lost 10 lbs during the challenge. 2010 has been super crazy. I joined the Spring Fling Challenge but I was trying to change too many things in my household/life at once, along with the kids schedules going out of whack. I am just starting to feel like I can think about keeping up. I have gained 9 lbs back.
My plan for this challenge is:
  • to go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am. I think getting a good nights sleep will be the most beneficial for me. I won't feel the need to drink a lot of caffeine, and I tend to have less munchies when I am not tired.
  • put my calorie journal back on the fridge
  • drink 8 glasses of water and only 1 Pepsi a day
  • 60 min a day of exercise - using the aerobic rider, yogalates or going on a walk with the kids

I weigh and measure on Thursdays, so I will do my weekly journal posts after that. =)

I am looking forward to Sweating off the fat with all of you!

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