Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello friends. I am Ketty. I am a wife, a mother of 4, a homeschool teacher, and I also teach English (sometimes Spanish) in 3 schools at the moment. As you can see I am a "little" busy but that doesn´t keep me away from trying to get fit and healthy. I am from Spain and my dh is from the US. We live in Spain and attend a baptist church here where we are as involved as we can.

When I started to exercise with this wonderful idea Joy had with this blog I wasn´t very sure how long would I be able to keep it up. Now I am joining my third challenge and very happy about the results I got the last few months.

When I started back in October, my weight was around 154 lbs. Right now I am starting at 139,9 lbs for which I am really happy. My goal is to lose maybe 4 or 5 more lbs, which I find almost impossible, but I´ll try it.

The best thing about doing this challenge has been how much better I feel health wise. I have many health issues. Most of them have to do with my stomach, intestines, kidneys etc. I was on medication all the time. I stopped taking all the medication. Since I mostly quit eating white sugar and flour my problems pains are gone, for which I am extremaly happy.

I have had 4 children so I do need to work on firming up my body specially around the belly, If you had children you know what I mean :-) My goal is to try to concentrate on those "trouble zones" as Jillian likes to call them.

I encourage all of you to keep up a good diet and some exercise. Right it down because it will help you and encourage you to see the progress.

Here is one the "parts" I need to really work on, my bust. My goal is to exercise more that area.
If I turn around it doesn´t look that "big" :-) does it?
Here is my beautiful family.

Here are my starting measurements:

Starting Date- 05/12/2010
Weight: 139,9

Bust: 38

Chest: 31.5 inch

Waist: 31.5 inch.

Hips: 37.5 inch

Right Thigh: 20 inch..

Left Thigh: 20 inch.

Right Arm: 10 inch.

Left Arm: 10 inch.


Dani Joy said...

Wow you look great! I know you want to lose more but I don´t know where it´s going to come off from. I mean really! ;)

I am so happy you are feeling so much better. what a blessing that just eating better and exercise has cured you! Now we know what we have to do the rest of our lives. ;)(maybe not so hard though.. I am noticing my body is changing. burning more and I can enjoy a couple "lujos" Treats. )

Well, so glad you are on board this time. Please post your points I love seeing them. I love keeping up with ya. jeje

Sweatin off the fat with ya
Dani Joy

Ketty said...

Jajajajaja, I do know where does it have to come from. MY BUST.

Honestly, it does looks like is not in proportion with the rest of my body. I still don´t undertand why do people pay a lot of money to get more up there. :-)