Friday, June 11, 2010


I was really sick for a while and unable to do much of anything let alone exercise I'm afraid I got out of all the good habits I'd developed. I'm struggling to get back on track just have to be consistant. I did lose while I was sick but that's because I wasn't able to eat and I've gained some of that back I really need to get on track once I know these pounds are gone for real I'll add them to my ticker but I REALLY need to get back on track I'm praying for that as well as other health issues that came to light during my illness. Please pray with me and keep up all the great work you all are doing it's very incouraging.


Dani Joy said...

Girl, I am so sorry you got sick. I have been praying. I will pray too for the other issues.

Just keep plugging away at it!

Sweatin with you!
Dani Joy

~Catherine~ said...

Well I'm back to eating healthy lots of fruits and veggies and trying to be good about water but have only been getting to the gym every other dayI need to get back on track there... but when I go my workouts have gotten back to where they were except for the swimming I've backed off that and added more cardio need to get rid of more of this fat... still swimming but not every time

Dani Joy said...

That´s right about the cardio. Nothing works better for fat burn! It´s the bomb! keep at it and you will get more time for the pool soon. I know I haven´t gotten to the pool as much as I would like either. this week no swimming. It closed early on Sat. and Friday was my youngests b - day.

Sarah K said...

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I get out of habit a lot, I just have to remind myself that I want the other way to be the habit and get back to it. You already sound like you're doing better at the reminding yourself than I ever do. Keep up the great work!