Thursday, June 17, 2010

Woo Hoo!!!

Thanks for all the support Ladies this is so exciting I've been waiting to post my pounds to make sure they were really gone and not still yo-yo-ing I've offcially as of this morning lost 10lbs since the beginging of this challange... and a pants size:) along with counless compliments on my changing looks and even attitude... DH told me last night he could feel/see the difference in how I feel because of how I look at things now I feel healthier and happier instead of being couch potatoes this summer we have tons of great activities planned already :)
Thanks again for all the support <3

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Dani Joy said...

I am sooo excited for you!! This is where you don´t want to go back the other way. When you have passed the point of no return. or at least you must look at it that way. We have come so far. Let´s keep pressing on! I am soo proud of you. Thanks for being part of this challenge!

Funny about the swimming.. I was laughing at your comment but so glad you are working up to it and not stopping. I have only done 40 laps on 2 occations. I rarely get an hour in the pool. I normally do between 25-30laps. In 30-45 min.

You are doing great!!

Dani Joy