Thursday, June 17, 2010

Journal - June 17th

Hello my Inspirational Friends!
How has your week been? I have been loving that school is "out"! The kids and I get out and they ride their bikes and I ride the scooter (to keep up) mostly every morning and then hubby and I get our evening walk!
exactly the same =(
Weight +1
Bust -.25
Chest same
Waist -.25
Hips same
R Arm same
L Arm +.25
R Thigh same
L Thigh +.25
Total 0

Food points: total wash ... Wed. breakfast- healthy +1, Pepsi -1, Lunch - healthy +1, fries -1, Dinner - healthy +1, ice cream sandwich -1. total for the day 0 (right?) Thursday -2 already!
It's good to remember these points, though. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be doing better. =)

Have a great week!
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