Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dani Joy´s Nix the Fix day 1 - Involvement!

I am soooo excited about the involvement I see! It seems that many of you are jumping on the extra points. How fun! It is motivating isn´t it?

Today, I started out so well. Had wasa crackers with soft cheese, half a banana, and my coffee. And lunch too was good lean pork, veggies, and a couple of potatoe wedges. 2 good snacks, cherries, and some sugar free chocolate. But by the afternoon, I bought the boys some candy and had one in my mouth without thinking. uhhhgg. they were my favorite licorice. -2  Then I had a small piece of home baked fresh white sub bread with my omelet. -2  Soo, my food points are 8 today.

My exercise was really exciting. My men got on their bikes while I jogged. It was so fun. Joseph biked the route with me. (pictured above) This helps me so much. Walked home. total of 43 min. Then I got home and did 17 minutes of ab workout. There´s my hour.

Be encouraged ladies. Exercise profits little as the Bible says ,but discipline is so important. Spiritual Food, and  exercise along with physical food and exercise. Let´s get it all in balance.

Welcome to the challenge Hannah and Esther. I hope you really enjoy the blog and have a wonderful fitness journey for life!

Sweatin it,
Dani Joy
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