Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yep, you read it right! It´s my own form of exercise in the car. I should patten it for as much as we travel.

As I drove today, I had the car on cruise. I could lift my legs, doing a leg lift, also I could do a tummy crunch of sorts, and then march my legs quickly. I alternated these moves, making a circuit of sorts, then did 20 minute intervals of these ciruits. I got an hour of exercise in this way. I did 20 minutes not stop and then rested 10-20 minutes starting up again to do another 20 minutes. What a leg and tummy workout! So I call it
CAR-jer- cise!

Give it a try the next time you have to make a trip. Makes the time go so much faster and you make your sitting time into exercise time.
Here is a link for some other things you can do in the car as well.
 Make it up as you go along.

Have a great Lord´s Day!

Dani Joy


Larry R. Carlisle said...

Happy traveling, Dani,
Great idea! We have two long trips coming up next month. I'll give it a try!
Kathryn :-)

Charlie said...

How creative! I guess if anyone can come of with an exercise in the car it would be you. LOL!!!!

Keep up the good work. Next time I go for a long car trip I will keep this in mind.

Be careful though,

analyticalwon said...

This is a great idea! I don't have cruise control in my car, but I'm sure there are safe ways I can modify this activity on long drives.

Dani Joy said...

Thanks ladies!

It does look a little funny. lol! But so worth it. I don´t feel lathargic and heavy after a trip this way.

Yes, we have to be careful with it though. If you don´t have cruise, I would think it would be very hard. Maybe leg butterflies would work. jeje

I do it in the passanger side normally but, wanted to pass the time while I drove so it really made the time go faster.

Happy Traveling is right! lol

Big Crunchin´hugs,
Dani Joy