Sunday, October 31, 2010


Good thing I didn't count points for the pound I was down on the scale yesterday. Today the scale read 3 lbs heavier than yesterday. I know I dipped my hand in the popcorn bowl quite a few times but good grief!
My husband found a new recipe for waffles that uses whole wheat flour (which I bought yesterday so I could try substituting it for white flour in my pizza dough recipe) so he tried it out. It was good but I declared today a free day because how do you eat waffles without syrup on top? Maybe if I had fresh strawberries I could do it .... but being October, there are no fresh berries in the house. I will still drink my water today and try not to binge from my discouragement with the stupid number on the scale.
It's Sunday -- I need to focus on the Lord today. I'm off to iron and get dressed.


Charlie said...

Don't be discouraged. There are other factors that can affect what the scale says. Alot of the times, what we eat stays in us a little longer. Think about it 3 lbs. is a lot for you to have gained in such a short period of time. Sometimes that happens to me. Sometimes its due to stress or other things that keep our system from digesting our food properly. Popcorn is difficult for our system to digest and sometimes just stays a little longer than what other foods would. Just continue drinking your water and eventually it will flush your system out. You'll see.

Sometimes the devil uses these things to get us off track. We won't let him win.

I'm taking the weekend off from my workouts because we have to work on our Church's harvest party tonight. I am planning on eating 1 hotdog tonight.

Today is the Lord's day and we will be rejoice and be glad.

Your crunching sister,

Amy B. said...

hang in there,sis. i shudder to think what the scale might say when we get back on the 11th. the camp.conf. starts tomorrow - i sure hope that they have some fruit and good food options.
we spent all day in the car today, but i'm hoping to be able to get in a walk tomorrow.

Cindy B. said...

Go for a brisk walk tomorrow, eat healthy, and those extra pounds will go away quickly. Sometimes it is just what you ate one day, and when you get back on it, then it goes down quickly. I won't tell you what I ate this week at the end of the week. So don't ask . . .

Dani Joy said...

I struggled too this weekend.
I know a big weight gain problem is sodium. It can hold a kilo of water on ya. I know this is my problem.

Lets clean our selves out this week and have a good healthy time.

Love Dani Joy

sherry said...

Try one of these ideas for your waffles, see if you like them. Peanut butter (protein), a little cinnamon sugar or sugar free jelly. Maybe some frozen fruit mixed with a little yogurt. Have fun and experiment!