Saturday, October 30, 2010

Junk Free Week

I knew that Dani was going to give points for drinking water this week (it was my idea) but I didn't know about the junk free points until I read the blog on Wednesday .... after I had eaten a plain white bagel for breakfast. It was hard not to go ahead and eat other "forbidden" foods for the rest of the day since I had already blown my chance at the bonus point. I was really good and resisted.
Thursday I was proud to earn points for healthy food and for water -- yeah me! Friday my husband and I had a big date planned. Every time a month has 5 Fridays we have a special date on the 5th Friday. Since we are both trying to lose some weight I knew we would be trying to find healthy stuff to eat, but I wasn't going to let obsessing about earning a bonus point ruin a fun date together. We started out at our favorite ribs restaurant for lunch. The menu had 2 "menu" plans available for lunch. One had an appetizer, main dish, drink, bread and dessert for 10.50. We almost ordered that and then I noticed that there was another option for 7.50 that was a bowl of salad, one of the same main dishes and drink. By choosing that option I saved a bit of money and didn't have the bread and dessert tempting me. We did order some ribs since that was not one of the entree options and shared them, along with a grilled chicken leg and a small salad. I was good and did not eat any of the fries that came with my meal. I decided if I was going to lose the extra point, I would only lose it for something I loved. FF would not fit the bill. I did have a diet soda with the meal.
We went to an American import store later in the day and looked at the foods etc that they had there and picked up a couple of gifts and treats for the kids. We found A&W Root beer that the kids made into Root beer floats today while carving pumpkins. (no temptation for me since I hate Root Beer). I did buy a Whatchamacallit bar -- I figured it was worth losing the point over -- and was going to nibble on it as we walked throughout the city. Then the rain started and we ended up going into one of the big dept stores and did a little Christmas shopping for the kids .... so I stashed the candy bar in my purse. It is still there. I was able to resist it´s call to eat it.
Dinner was at Vips. We picked up a couple of presents in their shop and if you spent over 30 euros you got a coupon for a free club sandwich (reg. aprox 8 euros) so we ate dinner there and split the sandwich (on wheat) and a cashew chicken stir fry meal ... it was over rice but there wasn´t much of an option that didn´t have carbs if we wanted a hot meal. The meal was mostly chicken and vegetables over a small amount of rice. I feel like the day was a success as I resisted the very worst choices and had no white sugar or white flour all day. But if the half serving of rice and the 2 diet sodas blow the point for the day just let me know and I won´t count it.
Today was raining out and I was busy with a bunch of stuff and did not get the exercise in. I did well in food -- no diet anything, no sugar in my tea (blech), no chocolate when the kids got their halloween goodies that I bought them at the store, no ice cream from their Rootbeer float time, just whole grain bagel for breakfast, wheat bread turkey lettuce and tomato for lunch, snack of popcorn at youth group meeting, and chili and hotdog (no bun) for dinner. Got the water in today too. yeah me! I finally saw the scale move a pound this morning -- in the right direction. However, I usually don´t take points for weight loss until I have successfully maintained a weight for a few days just to make sure it isn't just a fluke.
I´m off to bed. We´ll see if my willpower holds out all day tomorrow and the candy bar stays in my purse pocket another day. :-)
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