Sunday, October 31, 2010


Good thing I didn't count points for the pound I was down on the scale yesterday. Today the scale read 3 lbs heavier than yesterday. I know I dipped my hand in the popcorn bowl quite a few times but good grief!
My husband found a new recipe for waffles that uses whole wheat flour (which I bought yesterday so I could try substituting it for white flour in my pizza dough recipe) so he tried it out. It was good but I declared today a free day because how do you eat waffles without syrup on top? Maybe if I had fresh strawberries I could do it .... but being October, there are no fresh berries in the house. I will still drink my water today and try not to binge from my discouragement with the stupid number on the scale.
It's Sunday -- I need to focus on the Lord today. I'm off to iron and get dressed.
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