Monday, October 18, 2010

Exercise with the kids

Today I got part of my exercise by going out on the bike with my youngest son, Daniel (7). His brother and sister were at the conservatory, and after he had finished his homework and we had finished the piano lesson, I suggested we'd go out on the bikes. He got ready really excited and we went out. He had fun and I got good exercise. He has just started feeling comfortable riding on the road, so we can go at a good pace up and down hills.
My tip--try to think of fun ways to exercise that can include your children--it makes for good quality time. Swim together, hike, ride bikes, go on fast walks or play some soccer/basketball with them--nothing like doing two good things at the same time!

Have a great week,



Charlie said...

Hi Maribel,

It's funny that you would post what I have been thinking. My son has been walking with me and had tried to do the fitness videos with me. Although it slows me down, it has been a great time spent with him. More importantly, I think that it is a good testimony to our kids to see that we are determined to be fit and taking care of the temple of the Holy Spirit.

take care,

analyticalwon said...

This is something that has been on my mind as well! I thought about taking my youngest daughter to walk the dogs. It's not "high intensity" exercise, but it would be a great activity to share together and at least my heart would get SOME kind of workout. Plus, it would force me to be accountable. (Both to the dogs and my kid. LOL.)

Thanks for posting this!

Dani Joy said...

I ran with my boys but Andrew peetered out. I hope they will want to continue. these past few nights they have been saying, "Mommy we'll workout with you." without me even asking. too funny. but then they will peeter out.
But They sure were funny doing the NTZ DVD.

Dani Joy