Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday post

Hello Ladies,
I began this challenge with a stomach virus, so now it's all getting better each day. I did not exercise on Wednesday or Thursday, since I could not eat either, but by Friday I got to eat and exercise. I did 30 minutes of Jillian's videos and walked another 30 with my husband (at his pace). Today I got to go swimming with my family to an indoor pool. We like to go on Saturday afternoon, when both the olympic and the smaller pool are basically all to ourselves; we get to exercise and play, so it's fun for everyone. I got to swim 2 kilometers!
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's services and fellowship with other believers; we are studying about the fruit of the Spirit.
I hope everyone of you can enjoy the Lord's day.



Dani Joy said...

Wow you did 40 laps? Do you do that very often? I have only ever done 2k in the pool 2x. It´s an hour swim for me. Great job! don´t you just love swimming? I bet you were so hungry afterward.

We are in Hayward, California for a new church meeting. Have you been to Hayward Baptist church?

;) Someday we won´t just cross each other´s paths we will get to stay for a bit.

Have a lovely Lord´s day serving and rejoycing.
Love in Him,
Dani Joy

Charlie said...

Hi Maribel,

I'm glad that you are back on track. I know what you mean about being sick. I started feeling terrible last night. I think I have the beginnings of a flu. My eye is swollen, my body aches and I'm nauseous. I am hoping that after this, I can bounce back like you did.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Maribel said...

Dany Joy, I normally do 20-30 laps and then play with the kids, but I always tell David that it's not that I can't keep going, but that I get bored (I can't even go through memory verses very efficiently--I may need more practice counting and reciting.
BUT since I saw you had done 40, well, I HAD TO TRY IT, and this Saturday was the day I decided to "just keep swimming" ) Just to see if I could do it. It did take about an hour, and I might just do it every Saturday; it didn't leave me much time to play with the kids, though.

So- Thanks for the push!

Love, Maribel

No, we have not been to Hayward. It will be great to get together,but we better plan it for when we are in Spain.

Maribel said...

Charlie, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I guess this is the season to get sick. We are hopefully done with it. Have a great week!