Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Working out again

I just got started with exercising on Monday. A word to the wise...if you haven't exercised in a month, don't try to do the entire video the first day. I thought I was doing great, and I did Jillian's entire Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD. It's an hour long. Even though my daughter wanted to quit part way through, I told her we needed to keep going. Today we did just 40 minutes of No More Trouble Zones. My legs are really sore now, and it hurts to go up and down the stairs. I keep asking myself why I quit exercising, and then have to go through all this pain all over again.

I'm also trying to eat healthier. Some highlights from my dinner tonight were baked zucchini slices and fresh tomato slices.


analyticalwon said...

Very interested in your baked zucchini slices. I make a pretty good zucchini casserole but it's full or fat filled cheese and the substitution doesn't work. We eat a LOT of zucchini in my house and since I want to stay away from my casserole I need to get a healthy alternative. What to you bake those lil' guys with? What do you season them with? Please share. =)

Dani Joy said...

Great job, Tami! You are going to do awesome! so glad you joined in again!
Dani Joy

Siberia said...

I'll share the recipe in a post soon.